Our Company Profile

LUSAKA AGRO-VET LIMITED is a private limited company registered at the Zambia Patents and Company's Registration Office according to the Zambia company registration rules and regulations.
The company was established in March 2008. Our trading premises are along Lumumba road opposite Lusaka City Market at Plot 806.

The Company is a subsidiary of the Sarang group of companies which include those that have credibly contributed to the health sector such as:-

  • Cairo Chemist
  • South West Pharmacy
  • Phama Plus Pharmaceutical Wholesalers.
  • Sarang Stores (Kamwala Opp. Police Post)
  • R.C. Enterprises

It is out of our desire to add more values to the Zambian economy and contribute to national development that we decided to expand and so chose the agricultural sector as an enterprise through which we can do so.

The company therefore started as just a small section within Southwest Pharmacy, then has with time grown into LUSAKA AGRO-VET.

The company has identified various factors that contribute to low crop and animal production hence the slow rate of poverty reduction. Among these factors include those such as:-1. Farmers access to inputs.

  • Unreasonable high inputs costs.
  • Lack of crop and veterinary protection and production knowledge.
  • Lack of intensive co-operative support to co-operatives and farmers associations.
  • Lack of technical knowledge due to inadequate extension services by available extension workers.

Our target clientele base been the peasant, small scale and a Commercial farmer gives us the zeal and drive to:-

  • Supply the market with various chemicals, seeds, fertilizers in various small and affordable package sizes and equipments, such as sprayers, watering cans, hose pipes, rakes, feeders, shovels to mention but a few. Supply these products at reasonable but affordable prices
  • To make sure we reach the remotest areas so as to allow peasant farmer's to access the inputs as well as the technical know how on the growing of various crops and animals.
  • To provide free consultancy to farmers both in our store and field so as to help them find solutions to various crop and veterinary problems.
  • To provide free training on uses of our products, effective spraying, safe use of pesticides and basic vegetable and animal production techniques so as to increase farmers production and productivity.
  • Ensure the farmer receives an end product which is in the right packages, right quantity and of uncompromised quality.

We as LUSAKA AGRO - VET further seek to ensure that the crop and veterinary medicines are handled in a way that they don't affect adversely our:-

  • Vegetable and animal consumers
  • Chemical handlers (Spray men) and most importantly our
  • Environment.

Our Mission

We are determined to ensure constant supply of our products to both Agro-Vet wholesalers, retailers and farmers, even to the remotest areas.

Our Vision

We wish to be one of Africa's largest Agro-Vet chemicals, Equipment and Seed suppliers, retailers and Wholesalers, as well as consultants.

Our Goal

To increase our trading capacity, outreach to farmers, provide employment and alleviate poverty.

Therefore in a bid to achieve the above, we have built a team of qualified and experienced agronomists, veterinary officers and doctors as well as sales personnel.